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News Article, The Manly Daily 24/10/17

The Sock Monster

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ike’s adventures during family read aloud time; Ike the Sock Monster is such a loveable little fellow. This story is beautiful and colourful and so well written with fun and engaging rhymes. The overall message of kindness and compassion is a massive plus, and I truly think this story is a valuable addition to the family library.

- Amazon review, Leah

If you’ve ever wondered why you always seem to end up with one sock of each pair, maybe you have a sock monster at your place. I bought Linda’s beautifully written and illustrated book for my grandson and he loved it!

- Goodreads review, Suzanne Alexander

Linda has written a story that every parent and child will relate to; where do all those missing socks go? Well Ike took them, so now you know. A fun story of a monster doing what he likes best and learning the value of friendship along the way. Oh, and if you still have missing socks, then another sock monster has moved into town. Ike realises the frustration of looking for a pair of socks. Good luck finding those missing pairs!

- Goodreads review, Marie-Claire Colyer

My girls and I enjoy this book every read. The lesson of friendship is wonderfully portrayed with this cute this monster. When I am folding washing my girls notice that we have had a sock monster in the house!

- Goodreads review, Kate Widdup

As a teacher, I thoroughly loved the themes in this book. My children were engrossed and entirely entertained. I am not sure I have ever seen them so happy to enjoy a story! I love the relevance and rich language. I love the illustrations but most importantly, I LOVE IKE!!!!

- Goodreads review, Carly B

I read this book to my son every few days. It’s fast become one of his favourites and we both really enjoy the characters, artwork and story. Highly recommended!

- Goodreads review, George

This is a super cute book in rhyme. I think kids love the cartoon like illustrations and that Ike the sock monster doesn’t realise he’s wreaking havoc and then sets out to make things right. Fun interpretations for parents or teachers of preschoolers on friendship, acceptance and trusting your instincts.

- Goodreads review, Suzanne Brown

Lovely gift.

Beautiful illustrations and content, great gift for young readers.

- Amazon review, Aquaroze

A purple monster that’s guaranteed to win you over.

This is a beautifully written and illustrated book, guaranteed to keep your little kids captivated. The story is simple: a purple, furry “monster” that steals your socks but really he just needs some friends to play with. Read along with your kids or simply read to the younger ones. The illustrations will keep them entertained.

- Amazon review, Valshopaholic

Lost socks, rhymes, monsters, bed time, story time, colorful, kindness, friendship.

My daughter is amazing at losing socks and so telling this to a friend they gave us a copy of this book for us to read to her. She instantly fell in love with it and has requested us to read it to her every night. The book has a rhyming story line which makes it fun to read out loud.

The book has a lot of themes including kindness and friendship and is bursting with vibrant pictures. Any child who loves friendly monsters should get a kick out of it.

I ended up buying a few copies of The Sock Monster for a few other friends as birthday presents for their children.

- Amazon review, The Yorgi

Our 2 year old son thoroughly enjoyed this book. The colorful pictures coupled with the upbeat tempo of the narrative kept him engaged the whole way through. A cleverly told story with a lovely moral to it. It’s a winner!

- Antoinette, mum of Alfie

A lovely colourful book which finally answers the question why we have so many odd socks in our house. Would make a good present paired up with some colourful socks.

- Amazon review, Tanja Sellman

Great read for the kids! Read this to my godson who loved Ike! It was easy to read and very creative, I was looking forward to find out what happens too! Definitely hoping to see more books from this author!

- Amazon customer review

Beautiful children’s book. My 6 year old daughter loved the story. She was so excited to retell it to me. The illustrations are fabulous.

- Amazon review, David O’Malley

Such a great little book! My kids love it and it sparked off some good discussions on friendship, right and wrong and fixing your mistakes. Looking forward to more from this author!

- Amazon customer review

A cheeky tale for kids. A beautifully illustrated book about Ike, a monster we all know too well when we can’t find that other sock. Linda has written a tale which is sure to delight children of all ages.

- Amazon review, Claudine Everitt

This is an excellent book for young children. Cleverly written where children can pick up relative reading easily. My daughters love the colorful and engaging illustrations. The story is funny and brings out good morals. It teaches children about kindness and friendship, how to be compassionate and considerate, how to face troubles and different things in life positively. I highly recommend this book.

- Amazon review. Agnes, mum of Anika, Dakota & Layana

Great read, I’m sure younger children will thoroughly enjoy this picture book with its bright colourful illustrations and positive meaning about friendship and belonging. Congratulations and well done!

- Goodreads review, Sally Burford

This is a super cute book in rhyme. I think kids love the cartoon like illustrations and that Ike the sock monster doesn’t realise he’s wreaking havoc and then sets out to make things right. Fun interpretations for parents or teachers of preschoolers on friendship, acceptance and trusting your instincts.

- Goodreads review, Chris

I enjoyed this book at the age of 68 years.

I’d always wondered why I had odd socks on my feet, and why people gave me the look. I would tell myself that it’s OK, the matching sock will turn up, and I’m still waiting.
I would have read this book with my three children if it had been published when needed, and I look forward to reading it with grandchildren.

It’s a laugh out louder and it’s educational too. Because it gets kids onto one of the issues in household management which almost drove me completely crazy.

- Amazon review, Peter Anderson

The Night Noise

A beautiful and heart warming story. The illustrations are stunning and the story will appeal to the little kids. What could be that noise outside the window keeping Quinn awake! Is it a monster!

- Goodreads review, Claude

This book is an absolute treasure,read with my five and 12 year old boys. They both loved it,a magical book that really encourages the kids to use their own imaginations,the book also leaves a page for colouring in which the kids really loved,not to mention the sneaky appearance from the sock monster himself one of Linda’s other wonderful books. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a beautiful story

- Goodreads review, Tjanaya