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About Linda Lokhee

Hi there! Go on…. admit it – there’s a sock monster in your house too! Us? Yes, definitely – 44 single unpaired socks at my house – there has to be something strange going on…

Growing up surrounded by books, it’s been my childhood dream to be a published author since I was a little girl. My wish wasn’t to own ponies, or marry a prince and live in a castle – my dream was to hold a book with my name on the cover.

I’m a primary school teacher. I love working with children and being inspired by their creativity and humour. It seemed only natural to write a book dedicated to kids. I love sharing my book with children all around the world.

Back to the mysterious issue of unpaired socks. If you have experienced this, I’m sure you’ll see why I’m very excited with the arrival of my debut children’s picture book, The Sock Monster. And we can blame everything on Ike, my very cheeky, very purple but lovable Sock Monster!

“I enjoyed your story – a great subject that we can all relate to! I’m sure children will have a lot of fun with the sock monster on his night-time adventures.”

Anna Fienberg, Australian Writer of YA Fiction and children’s literature.
– Author of the Tashi book series


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"The Night Noise"

"Scattered Syllables"

"Ink Quilled Thoughts"

"4 Book Bundle Special"

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