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The Night Noise



Australian Shoppers Overseas Shoppers Kindle e-book The Night Noise

Ink Quilled Thoughts



Australian Shoppers Kindle e-book Ink Quilled Thoughts

Scattered Syllables



Australian Shoppers Overseas Shoppers Kindle e-book Scattered Syllables

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Australian Shoppers Kindle e-book Scattered Syllables

Join Ike as he goes on an adventure collecting the things he loves…socks!

This cheeky monster soon finds out that stealing one sock from each pair isn’t the nicest thing to do, and he also learns a good lesson along the way. A funny read-aloud tale about a purple kleptomaniac monster with rhyming language, suitable for kids aged 2-8. Also suitable for any person who has ever gone to fold the washing and discovered missing socks from their basket!

Have you ever been awoken from a peaceful slumber by a noise outside? The Night Noise playfully follows Quinn and her Daddy as they explore where the mysterious noise might be coming from, and get the sweetest surprise when they discover it’s not as scary as they first imagined.

Designed to soothe and reframe children’s concerns about things that go bump in the night, the story showcases a tender relationship between father and daughter and celebrates the bravery of facing up to your fears.

Are you buying The Sock Monster or The Night Noise as a gift? To add an extra special touch, Linda Lokhee will personalise and autograph your book. When you place your order, you’ll have the option to write the name of the recipient/s.

The Sock Monster and The Night Noise can be bought in bookstores, gift shops and online.

Following her First Runner Up wins in two international poetry competitions, Linda’s poetry is published in “Gratitudes: To Our Mothers” and “Steady Hands: Odes To Our Fathers”.

Linda has also co-authored poetry anthologies Hearts – Healing Words, Ikigai: The Reason For Being, Confessions of the Souls Unknown, Mind: A Poetry Anthology Exploring Mental Heath and Poetry Pills: A Prescription for Love.

Linda’s poetry was chosen from an international competition to represent Australia in Sun Cycle: Celebrating the World’s Seasons.

Linda co-authored a  poetry chapbook with Reena Doss which was released in May 2020 called A Forbidden Love. This chapbook and other poetry anthologies can be found on Amazon as paperback books or on Kindle.

Her new poetry chapbook, Ink Quilled Thoughts is released on January 21, 2020, followed shortly afterwards by Linda’s debut poetry collection. Scattered Syllables book launch is on February 7, 2020.