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Book Reviews

News Article, The Manly Daily 24/10/17

Our 2 year old son thoroughly enjoyed this book. The colorful pictures coupled with the upbeat tempo of the narrative kept him engaged the whole way through. A cleverly told story with a lovely moral to it. It’s a winner!

- Antoinette, mum of Alfie

A lovely colourful book which finally answers the question why we have so many odd socks in our house. Would make a good present paired up with some colourful socks.

- Amazon review, Tanja Sellman

Great read for the kids! Read this to my godson who loved Ike! It was easy to read and very creative, I was looking forward to find out what happens too! Definitely hoping to see more books from this author!

- Amazon customer review

Beautiful children’s book. My 6 year old daughter loved the story. She was so excited to retell it to me. The illustrations are fabulous.

- Amazon review, David O’Malley

Such a great little book! My kids love it and it sparked off some good discussions on friendship, right and wrong and fixing your mistakes. Looking forward to more from this author!

- Amazon customer review