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About Linda Lokhee

Single, unpaired, lonely, lost …….socks! Missing socks! In my case, 44 missing socks.

This is not just an Aussie problem, right? You know what I’m talking about. It’s a worldwide problem, no discrimination if you are a kid, an adult, male or female!

It’s when you go to your washing basket, or your drawers to pull out a pair of socks, only to find one single sock and the other is nowhere to be found. This was the mystery that I needed to explore. From this true story of ‘who stole my socks?’ echoing throughout my house, the story of Ike and The Sock Monster was born.

I aim to write books exploring child-centred topics involving kindness and friendship issues for the younger generation. They encourage lively discussion between parents and their children, and teachers with their class. I love being a storyteller, teacher and working with children.

In 2015, I created two successful community kindness initiatives,  Feel Good Feb and Kindness Is Catching – my goal was to bring more compassion and positivity into the world and to give people opportunities to carry out random acts of kindness. If I can contribute positively to my community though FGF and KiC, and my stories for children, then I am truely happy.

I really enjoy doing book readings for preschools, schools and bookstores. I’ve had various media appearances, including interviews on Channel 9’s Weekend Today show and Radio Northern Beaches, in newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, and guest speaking for The Lightworker’s Initiative.

I love living on Sydney’s gorgeous Northern Beaches with my husband, two sons and a dog named Cookie.

Do you have a sock monster visiting your house?

I  love hearing from readers and receiving pictures of the sock monsters! Purple, multicoloured, big or small, please ask your child to draw me a picture!

Read The Sock Monster and share your drawings here!

In April and May 2019, several of my poems were published in the poetry anthologies called “Gratitudes: To Our Mothers” and “Steady Hands: Odes To Our Fathers”. I love creating different forms of poetry and setting writing challenges on my Instagram page www.instagram.com/lindalokheeauthor. You’re invited to join in and write for a challenge. I like to read and share other people’s poetry and writing.