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News Article, The Manly Daily 24/10/17

A cheeky tale for kids. A beautifully illustrated book about Ike, a monster we all know too well when we can’t find that other sock. Linda has written a tale which is sure to delight children of all ages.

- Amazon review, Claudine Everitt

This is an excellent book for young children. Cleverly written where children can pick up relative reading easily. My daughters love the colorful and engaging illustrations. The story is funny and brings out good morals. It teaches children about kindness and friendship, how to be compassionate and considerate, how to face troubles and different things in life positively. I highly recommend this book.

- Amazon review. Agnes, mum of Anika, Dakota & Layana

Great read, I’m sure younger children will thoroughly enjoy this picture book with its bright colourful illustrations and positive meaning about friendship and belonging. Congratulations and well done!

- Goodreads review, Sally Burford

This is a super cute book in rhyme. I think kids love the cartoon like illustrations and that Ike the sock monster doesn’t realise he’s wreaking havoc and then sets out to make things right. Fun interpretations for parents or teachers of preschoolers on friendship, acceptance and trusting your instincts.

- Goodreads review, Chris

I enjoyed this book at the age of 68 years.

I’d always wondered why I had odd socks on my feet, and why people gave me the look. I would tell myself that it’s OK, the matching sock will turn up, and I’m still waiting.
I would have read this book with my three children if it had been published when needed, and I look forward to reading it with grandchildren.

It’s a laugh out louder and it’s educational too. Because it gets kids onto one of the issues in household management which almost drove me completely crazy.

- Amazon review, Peter Anderson